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Frequently asked questions

What is planning permission?

Planning permission is the consent of the Council as Local Planning Authority to carry out development of land or buildings.

Do I need planning permission to extend my home?

Planning permission may not be necessary to extend your home, your home may well have permitted development rights which allows certain extensions or loft conversions to be built in certain locations. More information can be obtained at www.planningportal.gov.uk/permission However, if you would like to discuss the necessity of you applying for planning permission we will be happy to talk you through the criteria.

What are building regulations?

Building regulations are requirements designed to ensure the health and safety of people in and around buildings.

They provide for energy conservation, and access and facilities for disabled people. Other matters such as structure, fire safety, ventilation, drainage, sound insulation and electrical safety in the home are also included in the regulations.

Do I need building regulations approval?

The majority of building work does need building regulations approval. However, there are exceptions such as porches, conservatories and garages that would not need approval providing they meet certain criteria.

Can planning permission be guaranteed?

Unfortunately an approval for planning permission cannot be guaranteed and no architectural practice could promise that. Whilst we are designing your proposal we will always refer back to what planning constraints are applicable so that any application we submit would have a high probability of gaining planning approval. It is best to see local planning policies as part of the design process instead of dealing with stumbling blocks later down the line.

Do I have to have plans drawn professionally?

It is always a good idea to have plans drawn professionally, as it will maximise the chances of securing a planning application approval by conveying all the right information to the local authority in the correct context.

With regards to building regulations drawings, it is important to have accurate drawings that detail all the relevant information for you or your contractor to build from. Having a detailed set of plans drawn up will ensure you have full control of the project.

What if we only require limited services offered by AGD?

AGD offers all aspects of architectural services but is happy simply to take control of a particular areas, if that is all that is required.

What are the council's fees?

The local authority will require fees for processing planning applications which are roughly £230 - £234 for an extension and £465 for a new dwelling. Building regulations fees start from £200.

Do you carry professional indemnity insurance?

Yes I carry professional indemnity and Public Liability Insurance.